Action for Community Transformation

Unfortunately all of the headlines that loyalism has made in recent weeks have been negative ones. As usual a lot of crucial grass-roots work is being ignored by the media. As Tony Novosel has pointed out in his book (see previous entry) loyalist paramilitaries and ex-paramilitaries are often at the forefront of this process and their work is vital in the march toward a peaceful future.

I have posted Part One of a video featuring Dr William Mitchell, ACT Co-ordinator, explaining the aims and work of ACT. ACT is described as “an entity through which members of the UVF and RHC can demonstrate transformation and positive citizenship.”

The link below provides an in-depth description of ACT’s policies.

I think at a time when people’s opinions of loyalists and the Protestant working class are being formed by violence on the streets it is worth considering the work that often goes on behind the scenes, often with little funding.


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