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I have sadly neglected this blog over the past year but in recent months I have received two huge doses of good news which may interest those with an interest in the issues I explore here.

In June myself and my colleague from University College Cork, Dr Paul Burgess, signed off on our edited collection ‘The Contested Identities of Ulster Protestants’. The book will be released in January 2015 and is available to pre-order on Amazon. It features original work by a wide range of academics and other figures from the ‘PUL’ community including PUP leader Billy Hutchinson and renowned playwright Graham Reid.

The contents are:

Introduction – Paul Burgess and Gareth Mulvenna
1. Beginning to talk to ‘Billy’: Revising Southern Stereotypes of Unionism; Eoghan Harris
2. Investigating the Protestant ‘Kaleidoscope’; Henry McDonald
3. Lost in Translation: Loyalism and the Media; Malachi O’Doherty
4. Typical Unionists? The Politicians and their People, Past and Present; James Greer
5. ‘Doing Their Bit’: Gendering the Constitution of Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist Identities; Fidelma Ashe and Caireen McCluskey
6. The Re-invention of the Orange Order: Triumphalism or Orangefest?; Brian Kennaway
7. Loyalism on Film and Out of Context; Stephen Baker
8. This Sporting Life: Anything to Declare? Community Allegiance, Sports and the National Question; Thomas Paul Burgess
9. No-One Likes Us, We Don’t Care: What is to be (un) done about Ulster Protestant Identity?; Robbie McVeigh
10. Celebration and Controversy in America: At Home with the Scots-Irish Diaspora; John Wilson and Alister McReynolds
11. Convergence; Graham Reid
12. Labour Aristocracies, Triumphalism and Melancholy: Misconceptions of the Protestant Working Class and Loyalist Community; Gareth Mulvenna
13. To the Beat of a Different Drum; Loyalist Youth and the Culture of Marching Bands; Sam McCready and Neil Symington
14. Blood Sacrifice for Queen and Country: Paramilitarism and Political Manoeuvrings; Billy Hutchinson

Professor Graham Walker of Queen’s University Belfast School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy has stated that

This is a landmark collection that shines much-needed light on its subject and provides a counter-weight to lazy stereotypes. It is a book that helps to explain why an appreciation of the dynamics of Ulster Protestant politics and society is crucial to an appraisal of the difficulties still surrounding the Northern Ireland problem.

Please buy a copy!!!

The other piece of good news is that I recently signed a contract with Liverpool University Press to write my own book, ‘From Young Citizens to Volunteers’. 

I will continue to update this blog regularly from now on and in the meantime I have posted links to a few items of interest.


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