David Ervine on Orangefield

With East Side Arts starting next week and the events remembering Orangefield and John Malone I was reading over an interview I did with David Ervine in September 2006:


I only wish I fully understood the capacity Orangefield had when I was there instead of realising it after I left because there was a genuine attempt by the staff there to try and enhance the number which would go onto further education and quite a number would go on to further and higher education.

And of course you have got to remember that when you did get a trade in those days [1960s] your education didn’t stop. You did four days a week as an apprentice and one day a week you had day release and night class as well. It was a day and a half continual in the classroom. So accurate enough with the proviso that, that school in particular had genuine desires to create a place of excellence.1932447_10154393226935018_164463832233984528_n


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