Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries – Update

It has, once again, been a long time since I updated this blog properly but I am determined to get into the swing of using it again. As an update of sorts, I have some further information on the book and related events to share.


The book is due to be published on 30 September and will be available in paperback for £16.99

For those of you who can make it I have been invited to give a lunchtime talk at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland on 28 October 2016. Copies of the book will be available and I will be talking about the experiences of researching and writing it.

I am planning to have an evening launch of the book in Belfast – this is still to be confirmed.

In recent days Ed Moloney gave the book a complimentary mention in his blog in the following entry: The Battle of the Somme and an Englishman’s Betrayal.

LUP has not updated their website with details of the chapter titles for the book, so I thought including the ‘contents page’ here might be useful:



1 Drills, Fights and Defence

2 ‘Civil rights, unrest, death’ (1960s)

3 Football, Flags and Fighting (1970–71)

4 Protestants at War? (1971–72)

5 Convergence (1972)

6 From Boys Brigade Belts and Bibles to Bombs and Bullets (1972–75)




For further updates check Twitter @gareth_mulvenna and I will also try and update this blog as much as possible (my partner and myself are expecting our first child next month!!) with content that didn’t make the book and other curios.

Thanks for all the support.


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