Operation Knife Edge – Part II – Peter Gordon’s Story (October 1976)

Peter Gordon walked aimlessly up Library Street and across to Stephen Street. Inside the outer pocket of his coat there was a concealed microphone which was linked, through a closed-off frequency, to uniforms in a backup car in Bridge Street. In a holster under his left arm was a standard issue Walther PP. Fire onlyContinue reading “Operation Knife Edge – Part II – Peter Gordon’s Story (October 1976)”

The Curse (March 1974)

“Here, did you ever think that we’re cursed?” “Whadda ya mean?” “Like, cursed. Ya know, like a gypsy’s curse?” “Why’d ya say that?” “Well, everything’d been alright ‘til them civil rights ones started giving off stink” “Had it? I don’t remember things being alright. I think they had a point” “Here! Whadda ya mean byContinue reading “The Curse (March 1974)”