Beyond the Religious Divide – Revisited

About a week ago my friend Shirley McMichael approached me about starting a blog. Having given her some advice it became clear that she had a pressing urge to republish the New Ulster Political Research Group report ‘Beyond the Religious Divide’. The report was originally published in 1979, some forty years ago, and Shirley’s lateContinue reading “Beyond the Religious Divide – Revisited”

Who Killed Joseph Downey? Not Gusty Spence …

In the middle of November 2019, campaigner CiarĂ¡n MacAirt published an article on his Paper Trail website which revisited the circumstances surrounding the death of IRA volunteer Joseph Downey. Downey was shot dead in the Markets area of Belfast city centre on Friday 21 July 1972. Earlier in the day, the IRA had detonated aContinue reading “Who Killed Joseph Downey? Not Gusty Spence …”