Ward 18 (1975) by Eddie Kinner

The following is a piece of memoir by former UVF prisoner Eddie Kinner. In Ward 18 Eddie describes time spent in the military hospital at Musgrave Park in Belfast. He had been arrested after injuring himself badly in a bomb he had been involved in planting at Conway’s bar in Greencastle, outside North Belfast on 13Continue reading “Ward 18 (1975) by Eddie Kinner”

Here and Now (1972) by Robert ‘Beano’ Niblock

It gives me great pleasure to host this short story by Robert ‘Beano’ Niblock. As most people who are familiar with my work will know, myself and Beano have become very good friends over the past seven years since I was first introduced to him prior to researching my book Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries. Beano has writtenContinue reading “Here and Now (1972) by Robert ‘Beano’ Niblock”