Excerpt from Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries – Chapter 5 – Convergence

Things are difficult for everybody at the moment, and we’re all looking for anything as a distraction from what is going on. Between continuing work on the book with Billy Hutchinson, I’m doing my best to upload as much new material as possible for people to read, enjoy and distract from events for even 10Continue reading “Excerpt from Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries – Chapter 5 – Convergence”

John McKeague – Early Years – A Few Observations

Like many aspects of the Troubles that I have written on or tried to raise awareness of, the life of John McKeague is, in my opinion, a somewhat hidden history of the Northern Ireland conflict. Of course, there is more to McKeague’s life than just the Troubles; however, like many individuals, the Troubles provided aContinue reading “John McKeague – Early Years – A Few Observations”

Sunday World Interview with John McKeague – 13 July 1980

Although the Sunday World has a deservedly wretched reputation these days, there was a period in the early 1980s when it provided some pretty interesting coverage of loyalism. On Sunday 13 July 1980, an interview with John McKeague appeared in the paper. The interview, conducted by John Hunter, provides a fascinating and often contradictory insight into theContinue reading “Sunday World Interview with John McKeague – 13 July 1980”