27 June 1970 – the formation of the Red Hand Commando

The following excerpt from my 2016 book Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries explains the rationale for the formation of the Red Hand Commando organisation in June 1970, based on extensive interviews with its original member, Ronnie McCullough – at that stage an 18 year old apprentice electrician from the Oldpark area of North Belfast. 27 JuneContinue reading “27 June 1970 – the formation of the Red Hand Commando”

Troubles Memories #1 – How to hide from a gunman

After posting the piece on Whiterock, 1993 by my friend ‘Derek Swain’ I put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for people who felt compelled to tell their stories of the Troubles, and how they impacted them, to contact me. I would like this website/blog and the accompanying podcast to be a safe spaceContinue reading “Troubles Memories #1 – How to hide from a gunman”

Whiterock, June 1993 by Derek Swain

I was approached by a friend who has been writing about the past as a means of confronting and dealing with the tumultuous events of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In this account, Derek Swain*, talks about the weekend of the annual Whiterock Orange Parade and how the sudden eruption of violence on Saturday 26thContinue reading “Whiterock, June 1993 by Derek Swain”