Trooper Magee – Eddie Kinner

The article below is a fascinating piece of autobiographical writing by Eddie Kinner about life as a Special Category UVF prisoner in the cages of Long Kesh. Eddie, who has had articles carried on this blog before, asked me to post ‘Trooper Magee’ and I urge other people of any hue with memories from theContinue reading “Trooper Magee – Eddie Kinner”

The Last Night of Sammy McCleave – June 1973 – Part III

Before the Covid-19 pandemic curtailed the lives of people across the globe the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast was a thriving and busy part of the city’s regenerated nightlife. The area, named after St Anne’s Cathedral, encompasses a variety of restaurants and pubs throughout Lower Donegall Street and its arterial routes, Skipper Street, Hill Street andContinue reading “The Last Night of Sammy McCleave – June 1973 – Part III”