Aftermath of Murder – Sammy McCleave and Freddie Davis – Summer 1973

This is a continuation of my writing about Sammy McCleave, Freddie Davis and Anthony McCleave. It picks up from Freddie’s death in July 1973. If you haven’t read The Note – July 1973 please look at it prior to reading this section. Parts of this may end abruptly or jump forward very quickly – thatContinue reading “Aftermath of Murder – Sammy McCleave and Freddie Davis – Summer 1973”

What’s your game? – David Archer

My sincere thanks to David Archer for taking the time to write another article for the blog. His last piece ‘Smacked the bastard’ and the accompanying etchings were a fascinating vignette of life in early 1980s Belfast. This piece, ‘What’s your game?’ and the etchings below are inspired by a story told to David byContinue reading “What’s your game? – David Archer”